This is the way we go back to school…

Well, my Year of Living Writerly is over, and it is time to go back to school. Before I do, I would like to preempt Thanksgiving with a few people and things that I am thankful for:

These are only a few of the full-length novels produced by this talented group. I recommend them all: Kristen Strassel, Jen Doyle, Stephanie Kay, Tamsen Parker, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Alexa Rowan.
  • The Weare Area Writers Group who has been a think-tank of beta-readers for the upcoming Sugar Moon (along with Teresa Noelle Roberts, who read the earliest draft, bless her heart). I stumbled upon WAWG last summer at the beginning of my sabbatical. I had lived in Weare for five years at that point, but because my day job is in Massachusetts, I had not met many folks. WAWG has provided both wonderful feedback from talented writers, as well as strong friendships in my new hometown. I cannot thank them enough for both. The day I started WAWG, I was joined by another newbie, Connie Evans, who had a few chapters of her Pine Tree Riot novella drafted. A year later, before I left, she sold out (!) at our table at Weare Old Home Day!
Weare Area Writers Group and Jennifer Hallock author of Sugar Sun steamy historical romance series. Serious history. Serious sex. Happily ever after.
Check out all the published authors of WAWG: me (you’re here!), Marjorie Burke, Ellen H. Reed, and Connie Evans. And a huge thank you to the group’s founder and generous leader, Sharon Czarnecki! (She is tough to pin down online—smart woman—but she writes the biweekly reports found on the group’s Facebook page.)
  • Though farthest away from me geographically, the #romanceclass group in the Philippines is conveniently located right in my heart. Founded by Mina V. Esguerra (author of Iris After the Incident), this tight-knit group of authors: publishes books to well-deserved worldwide acclaim, organizes educational workshops for authors, puts on reading events with professional actors, started their own stock photo sales with Filipino models, produces a podcast, and even sponsors scholarships to local universities! Check it all out at their instagram account @romanceclassbooks! And they are so nice! They were amazing hosts during my jaunt to Manila. I was so thankful to have such a wonderful reception at my History Ever After talk at the Ayala Museum, where I released Tempting Hymn. I especially loved the swoons at my “inspiration” photos for hero Jonas Vanderburg and future hero Padre Andrés! In addition, I was able to be a part of the Romance Writers of the Philippines Steamy Panel at my old stomping grounds, Ayala Alabang Mall, and Ana Valenzuela wrote about my series in the Manila Bulletin! That shows you the reach of this group of authors—and how they support each other and their friends. I am so, so lucky that they let me tag along.
#romanceclass books for website of Jennifer Hallock author of Sugar Sun steamy historical romance series. Serious history. Serious sex. Happily ever after.
Just a few of the steamy romance reads offered by #romanceclass books. Do yourself a favor: check them out. They are some of the most emotionally-satisfying, feels-laden, creative contemporary romance around!

I am sure I will be updating this post with others to thank, but the day job calls. (This is going to happen a lot now.)

Just because I am going back to school, do not fear that I will not be writing or blogging. I have lots of good post ideas coming up, and Sugar Moon is fully underway in edits! But I have to head off to football preseason practice right now. See y’all later!


The Weare Area Writers Group

One of the highlights of my sabbatical has been joining the Weare Area Writers Group. The gang meets twice a month on a Friday morning at the Weare Public Library. We workshop our writing and pool our knowledge about the changing world of publishing. This group came about because of the efforts of one woman—our organizer extraordinaire and our biggest cheerleader, Sharon Czarnecki.

Weare Area Writers Group on author Jennifer Hallock webpage of steamy historical romance Sugar Sun series. Serious history. Serious sex. Happily ever after.
Sharon Czarnecki (right), founder of WAWG, and me at the Dunbarton Arts on the Common this past May.

What the above description does not capture is how much fun we have together. Members of the group share very personal memories—in every format from poetry to prose—which has allowed us to move right on past superficial friendship into something deeper and more meaningful. I cannot believe that I have only known this group a year. It feels like we have been friends for ages. Since I am a relatively new transplant to Weare, New Hampshire, their support has been especially important.

Authors Marjorie Burke Ellen Reed Jennifer Hallock of Weare Area Writers Group
From left to right: authors Marjorie Burke, Ellen H. Reed, and me. Impressive table, no?

There is a social component to what we do, too. So far four of our members are published, in genres ranging from memoir to time travel mystery to historical fiction to my own steamy historical romance series. One of our favorite things to do is to take our show on the road by selling books at craft and book fairs in the area. Our next date on the calendar is Weare Old Home Day on August 26th. Come see us, check out our books, and ask about the group.

Here’s a little about the other published authors and what they will be selling:

Marjorie Donald Burke Melting Ice Shifting Sand Alzheimer's memoir

The Gangster's Gold by Ellen H Reed

Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot by Connie Evans

Connie and I joined WAWG the very same day, and a year later I was in the room when Connie pressed “publish” on Amazon! It was so exciting. I have no doubt this will be a bestseller at Old Home Day.

The book I have workshopped with the WAWG folks is the upcoming Sugar Moon, small excerpts of which you can read here. But, while I’ve been a part of WAWG, I did publish a new novella in the Sugar Sun series, Tempting Hymn:

Tempting Hymn by author Jennifer Hallock, a novella in the Sugar Sun steamy historical romance series. Serious history. Serious sex. Happily ever after.

These books and more will all be ready for purchase and signing at Old Home Day. We hope to see you there!