Cooking by Flowchart: Tantanmen by Just One Cookbook

Mr. H spent his formative years in Kobe, so I’ve been slowly adding Japanese food to my budding repertoire in the kitchen. I first ate tantanmen in Manila at a ramen joint introduced to me by foodie extraordinaire Kathy Yap-Huang. None of the other recipes out of my books tasted as good until I found Nami’s Tan Tan Ramen at @justonecookbook. It’s an easy one to follow, and the first (and second) time I did it, I needed her full instructions. After that, though, I wanted a streamlined visual to remind me of the steps, so I created this flow chart all the way down to the order of putting the elements in the bowl! Mr. H thought I should post it because it might be useful to the world. He’s cute like that.

Cooking by Flowchart recipe of tantanmen ramen.
Cooking by Flowchart version of the Tantanmen recipe by Just One Cookbook.

Cooking by Flowchart version of the Tantanmen recipe by Just One Cookbook.You should check out Nami’s amazing site that has all things Japanese food at your fingertips, from delicious recipes to essential pantry items to links for purchasing in the US and elsewhere. All I’ve added here is the formatting—and the eating! (I’m no food photographer, but I’ve also added one image of the finished product as bona fides. It was delish.) Thanks to Nami for letting me post this. And thanks to @canva for the design elements. Itadakimasu! 🥣 ❤️

Photo of my tantanmen ramen soup.
One of my meals of tantanmen, recipe courtesy of Just One Cookbook.