Manila map for Sugar Sun steamy historical romance series by author Jennifer Hallock. Serious history. Serious sex. Happily ever after.

Sugar Sun series map #1: Manila 1902

Explore Manila in 1901-1902 through my books, Hotel OrienteUnder the Sugar Sun, and Tempting Hymn. Note that the shoreline looked quite different back before the land reclamation and port expansion that ran from the side of Intramuros all the way down to Malate.



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Jennifer Hallock

Jennifer Hallock spends her days teaching history and her nights writing historical happily-ever-afters. She has lived and worked in the Philippines, but she currently writes at her little brick house on a New England homestead—kept company by her husband, a growing flock of chickens, and a border collie mutt puppy who likes to chew computer power cords.